The late Tepa Mostert

The late Tepa Mostert
With Birthday Flowers

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wonderful Reunion and 50th Anniversary Open House

I'll try and get pictures on here as soon as I can.

We had a fun time around the pool grilling hotdogs and hamburgers Tuesday Aug. 3rd.  Everyone was here except Sherry, Troy and little Zach.  They got to their hotel late.  Wednesday we all met at 10 am at the Illini Studio for picture taking. My did the men look handsome in their white shirts and ties and the women in their Sunday best.  In the afternoon we all sat around a long table in a reserved room at one of our favorite Italian restaurants,,,Biaggi's. Tremendous buffett with so much food that they sent enough home with us for several days meals. After a rest period...we changed clothes and went swimming in the Mostert pool,  shared some of the day's feast and had a fun Family Home Evening Talent Show and all. I would never have believed that Kelsey could stuff 10 marshmellows in her mouth...or that I could remember MOST of the words to "If I Were A Rich Man."  Thursday some of the guys went golding, some of the ladies went shopping and Tepa and I rested up. I picked up the 50 long stem red roses that Tepa wanted.  We quickly set up the Multi-Purpose Room at our Church for the evening's Open House.  A delightful time was had by all.  Many of our old friends from all over (Peoria, Rockford, Mahomet and C-U) made their way to Champaign and honored us by their presence. We had asked in the invitations for no presents as we are trying to unload not add stuff.
Most of the family left on Friday.  Mikas went early to catch a flight to Detroit then home to San Diego.  Timo and Kari drove to the Indianapolis Airport. Gina and her three plus Mika's Federico took off driving for South Carolina and Sherry drove home to Wisconsin.  Erik and family stayed in C-U through Sunday.  Monday they drove up and saw Chicago.  Stayed overnight and flew home to Utah on Tuesday.  And now once again Tepa and I are home alone.  We love having everyone here, but it is nice to relax.  Thank you all for making it a truly memorable 50th.

I'll get information as to the pictures as soon as I can.

Saw my Oncologist on Monday August 9th. He said I'm doing great and don't need to see him again until February.  My Dermatologist said the same thing. 
Every six months is just fine with me.

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