The late Tepa Mostert

The late Tepa Mostert
With Birthday Flowers

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Coming of Christmas

Champaign already has the look of Christmas. During the past weekend we had over a half foot of snow and it is now sunny and the snow sparkles and crunches as you walk on it. For the first time today we have had some snow melt as it finally rose above freezing. We've been in the tens or low 20s since last Friday.

Your mother has not set a foot outside the house. Today she was supposed to go to the eye doctor, but she had a bad night (which means WE had a bad night) and I suspect she was still hesitant of falling on the ice and snow. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to have my eyes checked. A year ago my optometrist told me I have small cataracts on each eye and said if you feel your sight is getting worse check back. I don't know if it really is worse but I thought I would check back anyway. I'll let you know what he thinks.

Mika and his family will be driving to Kari's home in South Carolina later this week. Timo will fly in from Utah and they will have a half of the family reunion. We are so happy for them.
Tepa and I are delighted to spend a quiet time here in Champaign. I do hope you remember that telephome calls can go both ways.

Erik and Mindy and the kids will join with the Edward's family for Christmas. I believe Sherry and Troy will spend some time with his mom and dad and family.


Love from Mom and Dad

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Visiting Mosterts

Well it has been a busy summer for the Illinois Mosterts. Mika, Itzel, Mikael, Itza and Federico drove down from Michigan last Sunday (August 12th). After a relaxed week of movies, swimming in our pool, and even nine holes of golf for Mika and Andre, Mika and tribe headed back to Ann Arbor today (August 16th) while Tepa and I recuperated during a rainy Thursday.

Mika said they came via the south Chicago route, but will go home via Indianapolis and Fort he saw a lot of slow traffic on the eastbound lanes when they came Sunday and figured he would run into construction if he tried the Chicago route.

I've included a few pictures of their visit.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Summertime, and the Mostert living is easy

It's been a wonderful summer in Illinois Mostert land. During the middle of July, we had a terrific visit by Gina with Kelsey and Konnor and Kelsey's good friend from Columbia, SC Nicole. They drove from Columbia to the middle of Kentucky, stayed over night then drove here to Champaign. We got to have them here for swimming, talking, shopping and sightseeing for two days then they went on to Hannibal, MO to check up on Mark Twain, stayed overnight at Keokuk after viewing the Nauvoo, IL pageant. Then back to Nauvoo for sightseeing and over to Carthage for more on Joseph & Hyrum Smith at the Carthage jail then the long drive back on two lane roads to Champaign. Here are some of the pictures we and they took.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sherry's Wedding

What a wonderful opportunity we had March 23-25, 2007 to have an adult Mostert Family Reunion as all our sons and their wives were able to join with us in attending our daughter's wedding in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We got to become acquainted with all the Waltersdorf family as Sherry joined Troy Waltersdorf in marriage on Saturday afternoon March 24th.

On Friday was the Wedding Rehearsal, which I missed as Erik and I went to pick up my rented tuxedo and had to wait for the trousers to be shortened. Following that, all of us plus many of the Waltersdorf family as well as the groomsmen and bridesmaids (matrons) had a sit down dinner at a wonderful old German restaurant. We had a terrific time learning more about our new in-laws and sharing our lives with them.

Saturday morning we went various directions: Erik and I joined Troy, his brother Brian, his dad Keith, and Dan a groomsman pheasant hunting. Troy has two hunting dogs and my were they having fun chasing down and pointing the pheasants planted in a cornfield. Meanwhile Kari, Timo and Mika went to Milwaukee to visit the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle plant and museum. Itzel and Mindy took Tepa to have her hair done, while Gina drove to Illinois to visit a former college roommate. Sherry was busy doing whatever almost-brides do with their bridesmaids.

Saturday afternoon was the lovely wedding followed by a reception and delicious sit-down dinner at a resort hotel. There were perhaps a hundred at the wedding and several hundred at the reception and dinner, which concluded with a DJ'd dance.

Sunday, I and Tepa along with the boys and wives had a late brunch together, then as Timo, Mika and Itzel headed to their planes, the rest of us drove to Keith and Kerry Waltersdorf's lovely home in the country to enjoy Sherry and Troy opening their many presents. Then Tepa and I drove home to Champaign talking of the enjoyable time we had seeing our daughter get married and spending time with all our children. Kari and Gina left for their flight back to the Carolinas. Erik and Mindy stayed overnight and then flew out for Salt Lake Monday morning.

Sherry and Troy flew to the Yucatan area of Mexico on Tuesday for their week long honeymoon.