The late Tepa Mostert

The late Tepa Mostert
With Birthday Flowers

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mostert/Wiltbank Family Reunion BIG Success

June 23-26, 2008, some 60 members of the extended Mostert/Wiltbank family gathered at Camp Nauvoo in Nauvoo, Illinois for their first joint family reunion since Dad Mostert's 80th birthday celebration in Orem in 1986.

With Trudy Mostert Wiltbank heading up the Wiltbanks and Andre Mostert Jr. the Mosterts, there was fun and activities for everyone. Many learned some new things about their ancestors as we divided into several groups themed around our ancestors who had links with old Nauvoo. We were able to do baptisms for the dead, initiatory work and endowments for many dead people. Brad Smith, who has received his mission call to West Virginia, received his initial endowments during our session on Wednesday.

Many young people had a chance to plow through mud and a part of the Mississippi river while pulling and pushing handcarts as one of the activities. There was plenty of mud, as the partially flooded Nauvoo welcomed two severe thunderstorms with a good deal of rain late Tuesday and late Wednesday evenings.

It was warm, with the temperature rising to a humid 94 degrees on Wednesday.

Thousands of pictures were taken, except by Timo Mostert who somehow lost his camera on the first day. Some of my pictures are linked to this page. A vast amount of talent was displayed during a lengthy talent show featuring young and old.

The food we brought and bought was plentiful and delicious. Especially the fudge from Nauvoo's own Fudge Factory.

I hope other members of our families will add their comments to this blog.

The Karis spent a week in Champaign prior to the Reunion, then headed south back to their South Carolina home. Mika and family, Timo and dad came back to Champaign for a bried visit with mom, who had to stay home due to health reasons. Thanks to all of you for the time in Champaign as well as in Nauvoo. We both loved seeing you. Erik was ill and so he, Mindy and family couldn't come. Troy had a heavy work load so he and Sherry had to stay in Wisconsin. Our next big Mostert Reunion is scheduled for some time in 2010 as we celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Hope to see you all here in Champaign then. Date to be determined. We were married on April 30, 1960 in england, but are open to suggestions for the best date for our celebration.