The late Tepa Mostert

The late Tepa Mostert
With Birthday Flowers

Saturday, March 17, 2012

After 5,100 miles of driving...I'M HOME!

Mika drove most of our trip from Chicago to Salt Lake City, but I drove all the rest of the 5100 miles of Andy's (?Andre's) Great Adventure. Had a wonderful time everywhere.  Except for the Colorado snowstorm that caught us in western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming on our way out  and the stinking, oil smelling smog of far western Texas on my way home, the weather was magnificent.  Oh yes there was the snow storm on the sunday afternoon Timo and I got lost in on Traverse Mountain going to the boys' birthday party.  But we got there, had fun and got home safely.  Met many highschool and church friends, including one I don't remember ever meeting in highschool, but I still had fun spending time with her.  Thanks AudreyAnn from Andy.  Lots of Finnish friends and acquaintances.  Funny how a funeral can almost equal a Reunion.

Thanks to Mika's getting me out so often to walk the beautiful Pacific Coast beaches and parks of San Diego County. I lost many pounds and feel much better.  Mikael, you were terrific giving up your bed room for a month so I didn't have to climb stairs.  Itza, keep on running.  It keeps you slim and trim.
Federico, I wish I had seen you in your play.  I bet you are great in it.  Itzel and Mika,,,thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Had lunch with a nephew in Yuma, a weekend, including a fabulous visit to a Renissance Festival in Arizona, with my sister Trudy Wiltbank.  Several delicious meals with her and the Smiths. And then the long trip home through El Paso, Dallas, and Texarkana, Texas, Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Cairo, IL and suddently I'm home.

A MOST MEMORABLE TRIP.   Thank you God that I was alive to make it.  I missed you Tepa.