The late Tepa Mostert

The late Tepa Mostert
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fixing the sewer


What a rough time we've had the past few weeks. The back bathroom toilet kept wanting to overflow when I flushed it. I tried everything...plunging, snakes, various kinds of drain cleaner, nothing worked. I finally gave up and called a plumber. He checked some things, ran his snake through the drain and went into the crawl space. Then said "I can't help you, call a sewer cleaner." He gave me a name, which I called. They came and cleaned some of the mess which had bubbled up in our front yard through the clean out. Ran their power snake into it and said. You've got mud in the sewer some feet into the yard. Call an excavator. Which I did. On a Wednesday morning at 7 am I hear a backhoe in our yard. The excavator, his brother, and his brother-in-law were hard at work. The boss was an artist with the backhoe and had a trough down to the broken tile within a half hour. They finished off with shovels and soon all the old tile was laying alongside the trough and a new PVC four inch pipe was installed, with a new clean out with a cap that screws on and off. He had to reach with the back hoe way under one of the bushes to get to the four inch cast iron main line from the house, but somehow he did it and the bush is going strong. He checked down the line with a probe and said he thought their still might be more roots coming into the tiles, so for an extra $125 dollars, they dugout another 10 feet, replace more old tile. Aafter a wait for the city inspector, they closed it off and were 10:30 am. Boss man called the sewer company and suggested they come and run their power snake through the line out to the street. Which they did..finding one more bit of roots, which they eliminated.

Now every thing works perfectly and we have used Pres. Bush's incentive money to improve the economy just as he wanted us to do. And we have the pictures to prove where the money went.
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