The late Tepa Mostert

The late Tepa Mostert
With Birthday Flowers

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mostert Family

Welcome to the Andre and Tepa Mostert Family Blog.

We hope you will come visit us often.


Andre said...

Hi Everyone Welcome 2006!

It seems strange to say and write 2006. But here we are in the New Year.

Your mother and I did absolutely nothing New Years Eve...oh we played a game of Scrabble...which your mother happily 4 points. She usually has beaten me by several hundred or so as we allow any word in any language as long as the other person will accept it. Your mother in the past has averaged 3 7 letter words a game for the added 150 points. You can see why she wins. Finnish is an additive language and she knows all the wierd words.

Her win makes her feel she is recovering from her mini-stroke. I think she is.

We go to Carle Hospital tomorrow (Tuesday Jan. 3, 2006) for an electrocardiagraam, an EKLG, and something else I don't remember.

Thanks for your call Mika. It always makes our day when our children call us on holidays.

The snow is all gone. This morning a large clap of thunder presaged a terrific rainstorm, which now appears to be deminishing. I really need to get out and put the winter cover on the pool. Right now,I have the plastic bubble sun cover on it. Winter came to fast or I was too slow or had a sore back or something. The winter cover is up in the attack and weighs 50 or 60 pounds. I'll try and get one of the Carlson boys from across the street to come help me. Ben came over last spring and helped me pull the cover off and clean the pool. Stewart went to Eastern Arizona University Fall semester, but is home for Christmas. I don't know when he is leaving.

I hope you will use this blog to keep in contact with each other..sort of a modern Round robin.

Love Dad and Mom

Kari said...

Dad & Mom,
Good to hear that Mom is feeling better. We have a clog in our sewer drain that is causing us minor irritation. Hopefully, the Roto-rooter man will get it cleaned out this afternoon. Seems we had soom roots grow into it. Everything else is going well. We are working on the Mustang and the house. The kids go back to school on Wednesday. I'm off work this week so that I can write a paper for Air War College; the last thing I need to do before I graduate. We didn't do anything special for New Year's Eve. Take care.
Kari & Family

Mika said...

Great to hear how things are going. I am just starting my first day at work after the holidays. Yesterday, I just hung out and watched Bowl games all day. Itzel and the kids were kind enough to let me have my day of complete coach potato-hood, but it all came to an end with this mornings early entry back into the world of work.

Andre said...

Thanks K and Mika

Good to hear from both of you. Did you have any problems blogging?


Andre said...

Hi folks

Mom can drive! I'm free at last!

Her doctor talked with her yesterday and said she does have some blockage in her arteries, but feels that she won't need surgery. Medicine is the order of the day.

I still owe 40 hours to my old Champaign Consortium, so to work tomorrow. I'll probabluy put in 5 - 6hours 3 days a week until I complete the work.

Love Dad

Andre said...


Took your mom to Biaggi's for her 70th birthday lunch today.

On the way she said she better get a telephone call from her children or she would cry.


Love Dad

Mika said...

Got back from a couple of days in Monterrey. I'm up early this morning sitting here listening to a global conference call on Aluminum buying - not the most exciting topic, but we buy a lot so we have to get some savings out of it. Have a great day.

Mika said...

I enjoyed calling Mom and Dad today and especially to hear about their good weekend. I spent the week travelling all over the US. I spent a a day in Michigan where I heard some details about a new reorganization of purchasing. It doesn't really change anything I will be doing, but my people will now be reporting to a great deal more people in the US and Overseas.
The rest of the week was spent going to our remaining manufacturing plants in the US. Bedford Indiana, Connersville Indiana (a huge Climate plant) and our electronics plant in Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia. Didn't have much time to do anything more then visit the plant hear any of the issues they have with purchasing and then get on a flight or drive back to a hotel.
I finished the week going back to Michigan to attend a meeting on Saturday morning where we tried to work out what buyers were going to buy which parts. Then flying back home. I got into Chihuahua at 10:30PM and was hoime soon afterwards. Tired but happy to be home.

Andre said...

Well Tepa and I have both turned 70. As Erik said..."Funny you don't look a day over 69.

We ate at Biaggi's for Tepa and Red Lobster for me. So we are also well fed.

Dad M

Kari said...

Howdy! Gina and her mom are on a cruise to Key West and the Bahamas so I'm playing Mr. Mom. Yesterday we will all over the place. Kristian went to Bluffton for a Lacrosse game in the morning and didn't get home until 10:00 pm due to traffic. Kelsey, Konnor and I went up to Fort Mill to listen to Karson play with the Region Junior Concert Band. He was the first chair trumpet player. He wants to make the state band next year. Kylie had the best day as she earned "Most Effective Lawyer" honors for the second session of her Mock Trial competition at the Richland County Courthouse. She did the opening statement for the defense of Shoeless Joe Jackson. She was happy and excited. Tomorrow everyone goes to school, while Konnor and I (I took four days of leave) stay home to work on the house and his school work. Hope you are all doing well.

Three Score and Ten or more said...

Do any others besides your family post on your blog? I kept looking for pictures or something like that. (I linked to you from the missionary couple blog)

Andre said...

It is a family blog only.

Dad Mostert